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Our Mission

The journey to renewable energy is full of unexpected twists and turns. Managing regulatory compliance, budgets and deadlines puts the business at risk. We aim to ease your transition. At Eneo Solutions, we share the same basic values with our clients: we’re both committed to creating a sustainable future and ensuring long-term profitability through renewable energy.

Together, we’re pioneers in the global movement toward 100% green energy. We recognize that every business has its unique needs, goals and challenges. That’s why we focus on creating custom solutions for every client.

The journey begins with you.

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Environmental responsibility

Meet the team


Carina Thyselius
Senior Client Specialist

+46 73 684 46 44

Hans Viken
  Head of Public Sector

+46 70 675 55 79

Eric van Alphen
Senior Client Specialist

+46 72 730 32 30

Joar af Ekenstam
 Head of Sales and Marketing

+46 707 593 007

Christopher Sidgwick
Business Developer

+46 70 233 40 51

Richard Nicolin
Founder and CFO


Ellen Ekblom
Head of Customer Success

+46 73 641 20 38

Pascal Olin
Head of International Business

+46 76 820 52 65

Alexander Rudberg
Head of People Operations

+46 76 226 00 77

Philippa Dismorr
International Business Development Manager

+46 73 330 34 12


Annelie Westén
Technical Manager

+46 72 205 46 90

Kristina Juhlin

Kristina Juhlin
Technical Project Manager

+46 (0)73-56 25 433


Johanna Eriksson

+46 70 438 42 34

Mattias Arrelid
Chief Product Officer


Johan Tedestål
Lead Development Engineer

+46 73 644 08 78

Evalotta Steiner
Head of Business Control and Asset Management

+46 73 050 38 38

Wilhelm Löwenhielm
Founder and COO

+46 72 246 49 40

Sofie Ögren


Liisa Rajala Malmgren
Head of Legal

+46 79 100 00 41

Lina Larsson
Senior Technical Project Manager

+46 70 218 99 99

Harald Överholm
Founder and CEO


Martin Lantz
Business developer

+46 73 655 55 10

Mikael Ronge
 Head of Operations

+46 70 350 82 80

Matilda Hjalte
Marketing and Communication Manager

+46 73 035 25 68

Our story

Eneo Solutions was born from a gap in the renewable energy space. In 2013, the technical advances in solar energy were well established. Many organizations shared the vision of ultimately transitioning into renewable energy. The intention was there, but the expertise and ability to execute were missing. Solar power had to be a simple and safe choice.

Our founders began studying international markets and green technology. We created a full-service solar consulting firm focusing on specific client risks and needs. From there, we learned to create simple, efficient business models that allowed us to customize solar energy solutions for each customer.

Today, Eneo is made up of 25 experts in renewable energy, business development, compliance, finance, and sales. We operate more than 40 solar energy facilities for large corporations and the public sector. Our subsidiary, Everenergy , offers solar solutions for residents associations.

Our clients are the sustainability leaders of their industries, and they’re setting the stage for others to follow. They’ve significantly minimized their environmental footprint, and they continue to aim higher.

At Eneo, the renewable energy revolution has only just begun.

Owners and Investors

Eneo Solutions is owned by our employees, a few private investors together with Axel Johnson and Gullspång Invest. We partner with Infranode, an infrastructure fund that invests in energy facilities. Infranode investors include The European Investment Bank, as well as pension and insurance companies.